Fashion Innovation Award 2023: Bally, LTCC and Loomish announce the ten finalists


Bally, LTCC, and Loomish announce the finalists of the Fashion Innovation Award 2023

Ten start-ups and scale-ups will present their solutions to revolutionize the world of Fashion and Luxury through the transformative potential of AI, generative AI, and machine learning on November 27 in Lausanne.

Lugano, October 25, 2023 – Under the sponsorship of Swiss luxury brand Bally, Lifestyle Tech Competence Center, together with another founding member, Loomish, a Swiss-based investment management firm, announces the finalists of the open innovation initiative Fashion Innovation Award 2023.

This competition seeks to generate groundbreaking solutions in the following two categories:

  • Generative AI solutions for sales and marketing aimed at enhancing user/customer experience and engagement
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions for the fashion supply chain

All 80 applications were analyzed by a qualified jury represented by Bally’s management as well as other executives from luxury brands, such as Breitling, Hugo Boss, Richemont, Clinique La Prairie, and Timex. The jurors had the tough but interesting job of selecting the ten most promising start-and scale-ups. The finalists will present their cutting-edge concepts and solutions on the pitch day of the Fashion Innovation Award 2023 on November 27, 2023, at the Rolex Learning Center (EPFL university). The winners are going to be announced on November 28 during the e-Luxury Summit. In addition to the title of Fashion Innovation Award 2023, they will receive the opportunity to engage in a proof of concept together with Bally, who will be happy to possibly develop an even more intensive future collaboration.

The ten finalists are:

Category 1 “Generative AI for customer experience and engagement”


Location: Los Angeles, United States

ADGREETZ is an AI personalization platform that empowers brands and businesses to produce and deploy smart, data-driven, personalized video and display ads/messages on 26 channels (everything from CTV/OTT to Meta, Google/YouTube to TikTok, email, SMS text and more).


Location: London, United Kingdom

METAPHYSIC, a TIME100 2023 Most Influential Company, is at the forefront of AI-generated photorealistic content creation. They champion ethical AI, empowering professionals to harness new creative horizons while retaining data control. Since 2018, METAPHYSIC’S visionary team has redefined generative content, from the viral @DeepTomCruise to groundbreaking AGT showcases, showcasing AI’s creative possibilities.

Native AI

Location: New York, United States

Native AI is a market intelligence platform using generative AI to create digital twins or clones of your target clients to understand, test and create ideal experiences.

Personify XP

Location: London, United Kingdom

Personify XP transforms web personalization, utilizing anonymous, single-session data to create 200+ customer segments without cookies. Their real-time scoring system understands shopper intent, delivering personalized web experiences. In a privacy-first, cookie-less world, they seamlessly integrate with existing platforms.


Location: Palo Alto, United States

Typeface is the generative AI platform to supercharge personalized content creation for businesses. By uniting content velocity with brand personalization and control, any enterprise can create exceptional, on-brand content faster and easier than ever before.


Category 2 “AI and machine learning for the fashion supply chain”


Location: Paris, France

Carbonfact is revolutionizing sustainability in fashion. Their software automates life cycle assessments, making them faster and more cost-effective. With real-time impact calculations, fashion brands can make informed decisions pre-production. Carbonfact simplifies data collection from suppliers and uses machine learning to bridge data gaps.


Location: London, United Kingdom

Evo offers innovative AI solutions for fashion retailers, improving pricing, inventory, and customer decisions. Evo’s tools adapt to real-time trends, optimizing pricing, inventory, and customer retention. With Evo, clients set goals, and the app recommends strategies down to the store, item, and size level. Evo’s track record includes $300M in client profit, unique patents, and Harvard Business School recognition. Bridging management and data, Evo drives impact in fashion.


Location: Milan, Italy

iGenius is an AI company on a mission to make data human with Crystal, its GPT for Numbers. By using its private AI brain, everyone in the business can access data in a simple way and make decisions in real-time, just like speaking with a colleague. 


Location: Madrid, Spain

Nextail’s merchandise planning platform revolutionizes retail by connecting assortment, buying, and inventory decisions with demand. Brands and retailers benefit from AI-driven demand forecasting and global inventory optimization, achieving 10% higher sales, 30% lower coverage, and 60% fewer stockouts.

Syrup Tech

Location: New York, United States

Syrup Tech empowers fashion & and beauty with AI-driven inventory optimization. Boost margins with advanced strategies, eliminating costly demand prediction errors. Its tailored AI model enhances efficiency, selling more at full price while reducing excess inventory. Revolutionize inventory management with Syrup Tech.

Fashion Innovation Award 2023 jury members are:

  • Amadò Gabriele – Head of Corporate Clients Market Area Ticino 2 at UBS
  • Binggeli Silvia – Editor in Chief at Ringier Axel Springer AG, Schweizer Illustrierte
  • Bitetti Leandro – Head of MSc in Business Administration with Major in Innovation Management at SUPSI
  • Carriero Antonio – Chief Technology Officer at Breitling
  • Cicognani Francesco – Sr. Vice President Product Development & Operations at Hugo Boss
  • De Maria Francesco – Managing Director at Accenture Song
  • Feng Xia – Digital Distribution Director at Richemont
  • Gibertoni Simone – Chief Executive Officer at Clinique La Prairie
  • Girotto Nicolas – Chief Executive Officer at BALLY
  • Guazzaroni Laura – Global Omnichannel Director at BALLY
  • Guzzetti Davide – Associate Director at Loomish
  • Hofseth Hauk – Associate at OLMA Capital Management
  • Lopez-Belmonte Eraso Pedro – Senior Manager, web3 & Technology Innovation at Richemont
  • Maltese Chiara – Account Executive at Microsoft
  • Morena Annamaria – Global Head of Marketing at BALLY
  • Nobili Andrea – Private Equity Investor at Longbow Finance SA
  • Nogret-Pradier Clémence – Digital Transformation Sr. Manager at BALLY
  • Peternier Achille – Adjunct Professor at SUPSI
  • Ponti Alessandro – Global IT Director at BALLY
  • Puntello Antonio – VP Global Sustainability at Timex
  • Rossi Arnaud – Managing Director at Accenture
  • Sabatini Nadzeya – Lecturer and Researcher in Digital Fashion Communication at USI
  • Schmitt Rebecca – Client Account Leadership at Accenture
  • Sisouk Nathalie – Chief Digital Officer at BALLY
  • Tašić Pizzolato Jelena – Managing Director at Lifestyle Tech Competence Center
  • Terreni Carlo – President at Lifestyle Tech Competence Center and Founder of Loomish
  • Vilhena Sabrina – Interim Management & Management Consulting at Juniper Frost
  • Zoppi Michele – Sr. Partner Developer Manager at Microsoft

Contact information

Loomish SA – Davide Guzzetti, Associate Director –

LTCC – Eleonora De Canio, Innovation Manager –


About Bally

Bally is a Swiss luxury brand established in 1851, with a rich heritage in shoemaking, and a longstanding relationship to architecture, arts and the environment. Today, the brand offers unique designs across shoes, accessories and ready-to-wear, driven by a dedication to craftsmanship and a contemporary aesthetic. Bally has over 320 retail stores and 500 multi-brand points of sale spanning across 60 countries worldwide, including a global e-commerce platform serving 58 countries. The company is owned by JAB Holding Company, a privately held group focused on long term investments in companies with premium brands, attractive growth and strong cash flow dynamics. In May 2023, Bally welcomed Simone Bellotti as Creative Director.

About Lifestyle Tech Competence Center

The Lifestyle Tech Competence Center is a Swiss association that aims to support innovative companies that carry out research and development activities in the Lifestyle-Tech arena, including FoodTech, FashionTech, TravelTech, DesignTech, and Smart-living, among others. Specifically, the Association intends to foster collaboration between academic institutes and companies, encouraging the exchange of technology and knowledge. Accenture, Bally, Dagorà, Guess, Hyphen, Loomish, Microsoft, Moresi and Swiss Universities SUPSI and USI are the founding members of the Lifestyle Tech Competence Center Association. Find out more at

About Loomish SA

Loomish SA is a Swiss-based investment management firm specialized in Lifestyle-Tech, with a focus on the Food, Fashion, Travel, and Design industries. We are committed to accelerating value creation for all the players within the lifestyle ecosystem: investors, digital start-ups, and established corporations looking for innovative solutions. Strategically located in Ticino, between the dynamic financial centre of Zurich and the global lifestyle hub Milan, Loomish is perfectly positioned to link the best of both worlds. We deliver expert guidance and facilitate investments in the Lifestyle-Tech sector, focusing primarily on the disruptive technologies offered by European medium-sized start-ups and scale-ups. Find out more on LinkedIn @Loomish_SA and

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